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Bishop T.G. Owens.
Pastor and Founder of the New United Baptist / A Global Ministry

1st Corinthians: Chapter 16: 1-2
1. Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given orders to the churches of Galatia, so you must do also:
2. "On the first day of the week let each one of you lay something aside, storing up as he may prosper"

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Dear Visitors;
We are a community center servicing families and addressing the needs of individuals through preventive efforts to discourage drug usage, gang participation, teen pregnancy, support to HIV positive individuals, battered women and children by providing housing and changing living conditions, and offering moral and spiritual support. We outreach to surrounding communities such as Mechanicsville, Summer Hill, Heritage Village, West End, Aclair Community, Techwood, Peoples Town, Riverdale, College Park, and East Point.

UCC Under the guidance of “The New United Baptist Church COGIC Inc.”, a non-profit organization, serves individuals by using preventative methods and encourages percipient reciprocity. Our Organization, established in 1990, recognizes the need to broaden its purpose and mission. There are families still in need of special attention in the communities that we service.

We ask that you join us as we set new goals for United Community Center. Stand with us as we continue to offer services to the wounded citizen of our communities. This goal to continue to provide will be met by citizens like you. The community thanks you for being a link in this chain. We appreciate you and we thank God for folks like you who have assisted in unfolding the work of United Community Center. We are Calling any man willing to volunteer. Volunteering is the spirit of building a non-profit organization. Volunteers are needed in all areas: consultation, building, repairing homes, painters, masons, carpenters, electricians, gardeners, mechanics, teachers, cooks, financial support, houses, cars, truck, campers, computer, household items, clothing, etc. All contributions are 501(c)(3) tax deductible. Thank you.

Now Serving the Human Family
Under the Administration of The New United Babtist COGIC inc.

PHONE:770-909-7337 FAX:770-909-6211



This Is a Miracle
For months, I had terrible psoriasis on my earlobes and left elbow, and horrible scabs. When I received your anointing oil, I pulled off the scabs and put a lot of the oil on my elbow and earlobes. Then I wore a sleeve halfway up my left arm to cover it overnight. I did this with faith for two nights in a row. When I woke up on the third morning, my elbow and ears were completely healed. I can even wear earrings again, where there used to be scabs every day. This is a miracle! Marie, CT
I Was Homeless
I was homeless for over a year. But during that time, I saw A Global Ministry - Live Broadcast. I called and promised to Sow a financial Seed of faith when I could. I also prayed with the woman who took my prayer request. She was very nice and compassionate, and I just recently moved into an apartment of my own. Bless you all! Sam, IN
You Have Been a Lifeline
I would just like to thank your ministrys prayer ministers, who have prayed with me through many problems over the last few years. My testimony is that every prayer they said with me was answered perfectly by our awesome God. You guys have been a lifeline to me! My prayer now is that God blesses each person who works on your prayer line phones, and that He rewards them here on earth. Angela, NYC
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